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Top bar hive feeders

                                 Free S/H on all feeders
  Top bar hive feeders are great for starting out newly installed package or swarm bees. Jump starting overwintered hives or supplemental feeding a hive with light stores going into winter or spring.
Our Easy top bar feeder is designed to hang in your hive and can be used without a follower board. Refill through the top hole without removing from the hive. Screened access tunnel to keep your bees from drowning. The window allows viewing the syrup level and bees working. Feeder disassembles and tunnel lifts out for easy cleaning. Holds 1/2 gal of syrup. These feeders are designed to fit my hives. Feeding inside your hives is very important to reduce the risk of robbing.
   I can make custom feeders to fit your hives . Contact me before ordering custom sizes for more information.  
 Tunnel goes all the way to the bottom and plexiglass for viewing syrup levels
        Tunnel access slot in the side faces the bees
    Tunnel comes out for easy soap and warm water cleanup
Hive feeders that fit our hives 83.00 free s/h
Custom  feeders to fit your hive  96.00 free s/h

Easy hive feeder



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