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Why Our Hives?

    We are long time top bar beehive beekeepers and manufacturers so we know what works and what doesn't. We offer a hive that's easy to use, good for your bees in a sturdy, simple to use design.
   Unmatched Value. We spend the extra time to make sure you get a hive that's painted properly,  lasts a long time and is ready for bees.  Don't be fooled by cheaper, smaller hives that have less than 30 top bars. The 20 bar hives you see sold are just too small.
 #1 Our easy to use hinged roof. After years of lifting awkward, heavy 4ft long roofs off my hives, i will never own a hive again without a hinged roof.
#2  We offer weather proof screened aluminum roof vents. Most people just staple screens on or don't have vents at all. Its crucial to have a properly designed vent system to release the huge moisture build up in a hive.
#3 Our roofs are 3/4" solid pine covered with a recycled roofing felt and cedar shingles. Made like a real house roof.
#4 Stuff happens. Our hives come with a 60 parts guarantee. If you have any problems with your hive i will replace any defective part for 60 days. 
#5 Our legs. Very simple design. Just bolt them on and your done. Our full size 2x4 legs will handle the weight of the hive and honey and won't wobble our sag like other more complicated designs.  
#6 Our top bar design. A well tested design with built in splines. We are the only manufacturer that goes the extra mile to wax our splines so you are ready for bees. Bees build straighter comb with waxed top bar splines. 
#7 All our hives are delivered 95% assembled, caulked  and painted so your hive is finished and ready for bees when you get it.  Very easy 10 min assembly. Our hive stands are free.
So please consider our hives. they are made with high quality materials, simple to use and we go the extra mile to cover all the important details so you are ready for bees.
Thanks for your interest!  John

Our Firm * Organic Bee Hives* Benton, Ky. 42025  270-703-5877