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Top Bar Nucleus Hives For Sale "Nucs"

8 Bar Nucs

 Nucleus Hives are a important part of both beginning and advanced Beekeeping. If you get bees from a local beekeeper like us you will need one or two of these for him to start your bees in. Once your bees are started well in your nuc with a laying queen, this small hive design allows you to  take it home from your beekeeper and transfer the started bars into your larger hive. 
 Once your main hive is prospering, the second year you can use your Nuc hive to make splits or in other words start new hives. Simply pull some brood bars with a queen, a honey bar and bees from your main hive and put it in a Nuc and in a few weeks you will have a new hive of bees started for free. Or you can catch a swarm or buy a package and put them in. This Nuc hive is ready for bees.

All our Nucs come with a observation window and are made entirely out of solid pine. Colors are Blue, White, Green or unfinished wood ready for your own paint.
webassets/nuc3.JPG webassets/nuc4.JPG
8-bar Nuc with observation window is 79.00 + 19.00s/h  Please order below. For sale are hives only, they DO NOT come with bees.  We are also discontinuing the Green color so please don't select green because I won't make you one....lol  The darker color paint takes too long to dry and is difficult to ship..


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